Cape Town Builders is a construction company that not only adhere to their core values but also believes in bringing change in the construction world with their quality of projects constructed and delivered.

The trust of the client confide us to deliver the projects that will build their futures and convert their dreams into realities. We believe in making your goals our own, and strive relentlessly to exceed them.

The core reason of our success is our team of employees whose passion, commitment, experience and sincerity are a central part of every project we deliver.

Because we are builders and are one of the renowned building companies who understand every aspect of your project, we have greater control over the entire construction process, starting from project management to cost controls. We thrive and own responsibility for the most difficult and challenging projects, both large and small.

No matter what ever is the aspect of your project, its preconstruction, self-perform services, project management, risk management, safety and legal services, whatever, you can easily rely on us. Our in-house experts in conceptual estimating, alternative building systems, phasing strategies and much more ensure you get the most from every penny spent.

Our foundation is based on the quality and safety we deliver in our work. No doubt, a safe site is a clean site, which builds both quality and pride. And a quality project obviously eliminates rework, reducing the risk of injury.

As far as the technology is concerned, we embrace the most forward-thinking technologies as well, including VDC, Integrated Project Delivery, Sustainable Construction and Lean Building.

Cape Town Builders focus aggressively on growth markets keeping in mind the building capacities and capabilities across organizational functions. We believe in providing turnkey services and inside the box solution but with a difference in order to cater to the problems and needs of the customer.

Along with everything we also ensure worker safety, while earning the respect (and repeat business) of every owner. We believe in giving back to the communities we serve, and call home. This is the true difference we make.