Founded twenty years ago, Cape Town Builders is a group of builders and contractors based out of Cape Town specializing in public and private building along with residential projects. Our team of professionals offer expertise in construction management, general construction, design, as well as experience in the corporate, healthcare, senior living, education, retail, hospitality/entertainment and industrial markets. No industry is left untouched. We have experience in building homes and offices for all.

Throughout the company’s history, cape Town Builders has received praise and applause for its quality work and service, its timely delivery, and ability to remain under the project budget. We prides itself with meeting client challenges, no matter they are budgets, tight schedules, difficult site conditions or unique and innovative designs, we believe in delivering the best.



We are a group of enthusiasts who Design/Build delivery for its ability to enhance collaboration, maximize efficiencies and deliver a faster completion of project. We are counted amongst the nation’s Top 100 Design Builders.


A construction management delivery allows us to provide elevated value to our clients through our proven and tested preconstruction procedure. The preconstruction procedure includes early quotation, life cycle costing and value analysis which enables us to provide a superior facility to our client at the time of project completion.


Since existence, we have been involved in the hard bid market. This delivery method allows the client to manage the design phase of the project, bringing Cape Town Builders on board for procurement and management during the construction phase.


We take great pride in being a contractor as well as a manager. Our self-perform capabilities bring a number of benefits to our clients which are tangible and include the multiple trade competency to adapt and make changes on the fly and the knowledge from hands-on experience to come up with potential solutions onsite as and when challenges arise.

Cape Town Builders, the renowned and most trusted building construction company is just a call away from you. We believe in building people and their dreams collectively.