Cape Town Contractors has been in this building and construction industry since twenty years. The rich expertise has helped us evolve with the pace of time which has helped us to understand the nitigrities of this industry. With all other things, the construction industry has also changed and we at Cape Town Contractors have also grown to understand the changing needs of the client according to the market. Keeping ourselves up to date has given Cape Town contractors an edge over other contractors present in the market.

Our style of working is quite different from that of others. The main emphasis of our project managers and supervisors is to understand what actually the client need is? Then after understanding their needs, we suggest them the best possible solution, which fulfils their need along with their allocated budget, out of the different solutions available. Our quotes are customised as per the clients need and requirement. The bill raised based on the quote offered is itemized so in order to make you aware about the cost of each product and service used.

Everything is kept transparent so you will know about the costing of everything. Once our consultation is complete, the quote will be given within 3-4 days of consultation. Once you have accepted the accepted our quotation we will share with you a project schedule based on which the project will start. We prefer sharing updated schedules and reports on a weekly basis so that the client can track the work whenever required and needed.

Cape Town Contractors comprises of a team of reliable, trustworthy professional artisans, project managers, supervisors and labourers and handymen. Our engineers, project managers and supervisors are professional civil engineers who know the in and out of this industry so as to provide you the best possible solution. Our team does a time to time follow up with the client in order to know your experience with our team. Your feedback allows us to keep our services well-polished.

Cape Town Contractors ensures you to provide the best quality service possible and deliver up to your expectation. We thrive to bring you value for money.

Let’s take a step forward to the success of your dream project! We are just a call away from you. Happy Building!