Engineering knowledge and expertise is a unique combination which is brought together in Cape Town Builders which enables us to deliver world class solutions to our clients.

The combination of engineering knowledge and industrial design help us to complete major projects successfully contributing in the development of the economy. The ability of innovation which suits the environment has also helped Cape Town Builders position themselves among the renowned and well known construction companies in Cape Town and around.

Since the establishment, Cape Town Builders has been providing reliable and affordable services to numerous clients. Our team works on close understanding of client’s vision and requirements and develop themselves continuously to meet the client’s expectations in delivering innovative projects.

Innovation is our key strength. We constantly employ new build and installation methods in order to be innovative, which allows us to set standards and benchmarks for our industry.

Our vision was to be recognised as the most reliable and trustworthy business persons who provides umbrella of solutions to any kind of problem keeping in mind the requirement and budget of the client. We thrive to satisfy clients in every situation. Our quotes are based on the requirements of the project and cam ne customized as and when required. We surely do not work on rigid quotations. And this is done in order to meet every individuals need.

We at Cape Town Builders, have dedicated team of project managers, supervisors, civil engineers, labours and artisans who understand the client’s requirement and deliver work accordingly. The most important reason behind delivering successful projects is our professionally trained team of professionals.

With the passage of time we have also evolved and we are still evolving. Our work can be very well differentiated from the work done by any other construction company. Our motto is to deliver well-polished work and within the committed frame of time. We continuously keep exploring new techniques and tricks keeping in mind the taste and preferences of the up-coming generation.

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