Someone has said it right, “People are your biggest asset”. A company can never grow and become big until they treat their people right. And this is the reason Cape Town Builders have grown big because they treated their people right and had trust on their capabilities.

Whether it’s a bulb fitting, a tap that drips, a mirror to be hanged or a house to be built, each thing requires handymen. He is a person who fixes all the issues in a fraction of seconds.

But it’s really tough to find a reliable and affordab;e handyman in Cape Town at the same time. With the number of cases happening around, you just can’t let anyone enter your house. For this Cape Town Builders has a solution for you.

We are just a call away from you, whenever you need a handyman for your house repairing work.

Cape Town Builders understands how precious your time is.  We provide professional handyman for all your needs. Each handyman is capable, reliable, careful and well trained to look into your problems and offer you the most affordable solution to it.

Our all handymen carry professional toolkits to get you rid of your problem on the spot as and when they arrive.



  • Team of Professionals – We are just a call away from you and can be reached any time. Our organization is known to be committed to quality.
  • Value Your Time – Our team of handymen in Cape Town assures you that you get a quick response. As and when we receive your query, a fixed time is set up for the appointment.
  • Excellence – With a team of professionals, each handyman is trained to the standard and quality of the work. Compromising on quality can never be tolerated,
  • Affordable – We value your hard earned money and that is the reason our handymen are affordable and in your budget.


We thrive to make your life easy going by taking up all the jobs that you hate doing.

So, Pick up the phone and ring us whenever you need handymen in Cape Town and our professionals will be there to solve all your issues.