Cape Town Builders was established two decades before, and since then the company has earned a name in the construction world. The company has grown into a well named reputed contractor amongst the society. With experience and practical knowledge, we have become acquainted with the challenges faced in building and constructing big projects.

The company structure is well adapted to the needs and challenges faced in the individual residential market. Operational structures are also in place to ensure proper progress and quality of workmanship at all sites. All company administration takes place at the company’s head office. The administration is driven by a team of dedicated managers who supply the necessary administration to back up the operational side of the business.

Cape Town Builders established in 90’s, has made a successful name for itself in the construction world, especially in the upper class residential market. Understanding the complexity of project, being able to stand upto client’s expectation and deliver the project on time is what make us proud. A wide variety of building projects, and their successfully execution has made our name in home build construction world.

Why trust Build A Way?

Over the past twenty years of existence and operations, we have earned a distinguished reputation and are now known for craftsmanship, sales and service excellence. Being fully focused has helped us achieve this excellent reputation over the period of time. Our sense of responsibility towards clients motivates us to maintain our dignity and values at all times.

At Cape Town Builders, skilled people have years of experience in the building industry which help them undertake and build any difficult project. We are a well-established company that endeavours to fulfil all the requirements of an accomplished building contractor. We prides on the successful completion of all projects undertaken.

The skilled personnel with vast and varied years of experience in the industry helps successfully completing all the projects allotted to them. We believe in investing in human capital and since existence it has been our prime focus to create value for our customers and clients.