Your Specialist Pool Builder in Paarl and Surrounding Area is HERE. Pure Relaxation and Rejuvenation in Style! Don’t we all wish our swimming pools to give us these special feelings? Cape Town Builder is an exclusive pool builder and installer operating within 100km radius of Paarl. We reflect your personal values and required styles with due regard to the environment. Never underestimate the importance building your pool right and then choosing the RIGHT swimming pool contractor if you are looking to keep your pool looking new for years to come.

Are you thinking of building a pool? Then the most crucial decision is the selection of THE RIGHT pool builder. One of the challenges customers always face is finding a builder who is innovative and experienced in using the latest technologies, whilst coming in at a sensible cost at the same time.

Cape Town Builders is a renowned name when it comes to the list Pool Builders in the Paarl Region. The families we have worked for will tell you of endless magical moments of togetherness in and around the swimming pools we have created for them.

When something out of the ordinary may be required, we naturally often collaborate with specialists and experts who may transform for example your garden or backyard into a state of the art patio by using the latest techniques and materials. All of this expertise is easily within our grasp. We have earned our reputation by doing only quality work and delivering 100 % client satisfaction each and every time.

We are supremely confident to consult and create a swimming pool of any design and customize our pools to fit in with your every requirement. Our fully trained teams have the right experience and knowledge base to match your needs. Expect a swimming pool area as unique and beautiful as you always desired. We ensure that the pool system we build for you is integrated seamlessly on to your premises and matches well visually with the architecture of your home.

Each of the swimming pools developed by Cape Town Builders is with the best possible hand picked team and the best craftsmanship. We guarantee you a family a pool with low maintenance and long durability.

Why Choose Cape Town Builders for Pool Building in Paarl

  • You can select any shape, design, depth,size and look for your pool with us.
  • Low maintenance and guaranteed long durability.
  • Affordable pool building with transparent and fixed pricing.
  • We put in combined our years of experience to help guide you on which pool will suit your space.
  • Our USP is our experience,innovation AND most of all our Trusted Reputation.

Discover the endless joy and pleasure of owning a new swimming pool when you email or call Cape Town Builders TODAY!