Cape Town builders, the pioneer of construction industry have been serving the society with services like construction or building of new home, office, remodelling of kitchen or renovation of your home and office. In the process of construction or renovation, the labors and even the project managers and supervisors require Scaffolding in order to assist in their work.

A structure built out of metal uprights and horizontals (standards and ledgers) upon which wooden and steel boards are placed to assist builders, contractors, and other workers involved in construction and maintenance is known as Scaffolding.

Construction scaffolding is available from scaffolding suppliers, and in Cape Town, Cape Town Builders is a company that is popularly known for providing high quality scaffold services from the start to the finish of a project.

Standards and ledgers are the basic materials used for scaffolding. These are made up of most of the structure, and are joined together with tubes. To let the workmen stand straight and walk along while working, boards are placed on the top of the ledgers. The usage of scaffolds help the workmen to have easier access to places which are higher and otherwise difficult to reach.

Cape Town Builders are the most renowned and reliable scaffolding suppliers in Cape Town. The most commonly used scaffoldings are Kwik-Stage and Self-Lock scaffolding systems which helps making the projects easier to complete and saving you money.

The construction of Kwik-stage and Self-lock scaffolding is easy and require less labour. The scaffolding is assembled quickly and is extremely safe and efficient. Another reason for Cape Town Builders to be known as one of the leading scaffolding suppliers is because at Cape Town Builders, quality of service is something upon which the company does not sacrifice. Our motto is not only to give customers satisfaction along with quality products but also with quality service too. The safety of our workers and clients too, are critically important to us.

Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for scaffolding suppliers in Cape Town. The health and safety of everyone is equally important to us.