Almost every growing economic hub in the globe is under the attack of inward migration and population outburst. This has led to scarcity of land and resources and is forcing the cities to expand. In such an hour of requirement, integrated townships are like boon for us. There are many advantages of living in a township that has contributed to the growing popularity of this concept.

The main advantage of living in a township is that it facilitates modern and cosmopolitan living. Integrated townships are mini cities, on the outskirts of big cities and offer essential facilities like education,housing, work place, healthcare, shopping, healthcare, etc. in a relatively small area.These sustainable urban residential solutions give people a convenient and enjoyable living area in an amazing and well developed eco-friendly environment.When you are buying the home of your dreams, wouldn’t you just love to buy a spacious, airy apartment, set amid green acres? It is becoming very popular and widely accepted all around the world.

CapeTownBuilders plan on making integrated townships that provide you the best facilities at ease along with giving you a healthy environment to live in. We do our best in providing you with all the advantages of a normal city life within your reach. These include education to health facilities, Access to daily essentials and everything else you can wish for in close proximity.

We ensure to provide you with a living space where you have open spaces, greenery around, gardens, playgrounds and other such facilities that will add on to your positive energy. All services from entertainment to shopping complexes are provided at the same place.

The advanced security systems in the townships give peace of mind from thefts, threats or any unexpected circumstances. Additionally integrated townships also provide for vast open spaces that feature generous landscaping, all of which are effective enticements for prospective home buyers.
With better lifestyle opportunities, we build townships where you can live your life at ease and comfort.

Town in Paarlcreated by us will give you the rich and luxurious feeling of living in the city itself, only away from the rush, chaos and other such concerns.

Try imagining a true amalgamation of outer luxury with the inner bliss. Yes its true and is waiting for you, just a call away.