Whether it is the experience, building or skyline that ignited your passion in the field of construction, we are honored that you are interested to work in Paarl to establish your career.

All our projects begin with a dedicated team of professionals! We are searching for individuals who have the zeal in them to outshine and develop their skill-set to create buildings both residential and commercial as per the requirement of our clients. We are looking for people who know how to turn a “house” into a “home” and an “office” into an “institution”.

Ours is a company that offers much more than construction!


As ours is a construction company thus, we are interested in individualswho have prior experience in construction or have their educational qualificationin construction or engineering. But, like any othercompany we too have openings in the field of human resource, accounting, finance and business development. If you wish to work in Paarl in a highly reputed company and you have it in you, then sky is your limit.

We believe that to be successful in the field of construction, we need a diversified team with varied talents to contribute equally. So, we are looking for different talents to contribute equally in our company.

Cape Town Builders is ideal to work in Paarl for the following reasons:

  • To yield the maximum output, the most significant step is to form a team of skilled professionals with each one of the team contributing equally.
  • We are committed to provide optimum quality to our clients with carefully understanding their requirements and then working on the plan of action to fulfill each one of the requirement specified by the client or what the project demands.
  • We plan and we build with the help of our esteemed clients.
  • Our passion towards our work has helped us to achieve our goals and shall help us in doing so in all our future endeavors too.

A career at Cape Town Builders begins with the zeal to perform excellently in your work environment. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional looking forward to work in Paarl, we would love to hear from you!