To be a successful name in the construction world, a construction company requires experience, management and opportunity. Without even giving a single thought, Cape Town Builders are known as the most experienced construction company in the Cape Town area with great construction management skills. This is the only company which never misses even a single opportunity to take up and deliver any project.

The company has fortunately managed to survive in the industry from last twenty years, despite the numerous challenges posed by the industry and economy. We at Cape Town Builders are confident that we can deliver a superior service.

Cape Town Builders was established twenty years ago by the experienced overseer. Vital ideas and excellent strategies has ensured the success of the company. Our Contracts Directors are the driving force in ensuring our projects are delivered timeously and within the budget committed to the client.

Our Services include: Construction, Project Management and Building Cost Consulting. At Cape Town Builders, we believe in a very simple approach towards the Construction Industry and that is Professionalism. Our main aim is to make our company one among the top Professionalised Construction Companies in Cape Town.

We focus on constructing the projects as per the latest trends and developments taking place in order to stay updated with the construction in Cape Town. Conquering the odds and laying the foundation of finest roads is our core competency. Building long term client relationships, achieving and satisfying client’s needs, empowering skills and creating opportunities is what we thrive for.

The employees and staff at Cape Town Builders have been in the organisation since the time company existed and have been personally trained. Our team comprises of Senior Contracts Manager, Contracts Managers, Senior Foremen, Site Agents, Supervisors, Foremen, Administrative Staff and Quantity Surveyors.

Cape Town Builders is a fully operational company throughout the Cape Town.  We have the capacity manage large projects and deliver them with high level of quality and experience.