While some believe a house plan to be an unnecessary expense during the building process, others never wish to start without one. The fact that, pre-drawn plans play a vital role in a house construction process cannot be ignored. Some of the reasons why homemakers must incorporate a house plan while building a new house are:

  1. It serves a legal purpose, as the homeowner get a permission to build a home as per the designer’s original and copyrighted plan.
  2. This serves as a complete resource for both the client and designer, during the construction process.
  3. This gives the client an outline of the design, the architects are going to build up.
  4. This serves as a proof of what the client expects and wants his house to look like post-construction.
  5. A plan serves as an essential tool in planning out interior spaces, setting a budget and preparing building schedule.
  6. A plan also depicts the changes in elevation or addition of any special feature such as a garage, deck or any interior feature.


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