Cape Town Builders is known for creative and innovative work along with realistic and accurate project costing. Neat working systems and delivering the project on timelines is what differentiates us from other builders. Sincerity, discipline and good business practice are the factors that have made Cape Town Builders a successful operation.

Within our company, we commit to:

  • Promoting the well-being of our employees and their families.
  • Offering each employee performance recognition and
  • A program of personal and skills development.
  • Providing a safe and neat working environment.
  • Quality control

To our clients, we commit to:

  • Providing uncompromising quality and service.
  • Attaining excellent standards in productivity, safety and design.
  • Innovation and creativity,
  • We value honesty, integrity and respect – in all our relationships and transactions.


Our vision

  • To innovate and develop a range of projects for the global market, in order to secure a stable and rewarding environment for all stakeholders.


Our Values include:

  • Integrity/Respect
  • Honesty
  • Sincerity
  • Discipline
  • Teamwork
  • Dependability
  • Accountability
  • Building Trust

Our background is a rich blend of innovation and creativity. We stand at a new chapter of building trust and reliability in the market. Being known among the renowned builders in Cape Town is what we have been working for since past twenty years. The close congruency between our values, vision and purpose are the reason our employees are able to relate to the importance of aligning our internal behaviours to external expectations, which ultimately creates maximum value for all stakeholders and customers.

At Cape Town Builders, we believe in building your dreams into reality. Over the period of time, we have realised that to be an employer of choice and to deliver on our brand promise certain basics need to be in place. Our values; pride, trust, people growth and discipline provide us with a shared platform to achieve our strategic and financial objectives.

Our prime aim of Cape Town Builders is to provide premium residential and commercial terms to our clients with latest standards, so as to provide benchmark quality standards and a luxurious lifestyle. However, we equally care and keep in mind the  price line and budget to be in your affordability range. Providing best quality work in affordable price is what we believe in.