Constructing a house of your dreams is no simple task. It doesn’t only require a huge sum of money but also considerable coordination between the building contractors, architects and homeowners. Approaching a building company with plan and ideas is only one part of the process. Another most essential aspect is the building contract. Building contract is a legal pact between a homeowner and a building contractor. This sets forth the terms and conditions the construction will be carried out, the time frame, basic of remuneration and penalties in case of any misfortune circumstance.

When a homeowner contacts a building contractor, he/she issues a quote with a fixed estimate or price before the commencement of any sort of construction on site. It is only after the approval of the quote of the client that the contractor hires the required subcontractors, personnel, materials and equipment.

When a client makes use of a building contractor, the contractor will issue a quote with a fixed price or estimate to the client before any construction takes place on sight. If the client approves the quote, the contractor will hire the appropriate personnel, subcontractors, equipment and materials.

There are two categories of building contractors, i.e. Residential and Commercial contractors. Residential ones oversee the construction process for housing projects and individual homes, while commercial contractors provide with the commercial renovation and services for a commercial space such as a shopping mall, warehouse and so on.

It is always recommended to do an in-depth research about the registered building contractors in Cape Town before investing your hard-earned money. Cape Town Builders are renowned building contractors who manage the construction site and make sure that your work runs smoothly. We responsibly provide for all the services along with the equipment, material and labor needed for the project completion.

We adhere to our motto – to deliver well-polished work and within the committed frame of time. Our work can be very well differentiated from the work done by any other construction company.
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