From the past many years, Cape Town Builders have evolved into a popular company of experienced building contractors where quality, price and time is never compromised.  We have successfully completed many projects in Western Cape involving renovations, freestyle home and extensions.

We work with a group of highly knowledgeable and proficientcontractors and builders to offer our clients nothing less than optimum quality work. Our contractors are dynamic and competitiveprofessionals who like to take our ideology further and provide better value for money.

Why we are the Best in Industry:

  • The contractors working with us are ready to accept challenge and rising demands in the construction market.
  • Out entire staff is properly trained and supervised by a team of highlyexperiencedmanagers.
  • We make sure that the operational structures are in place so that the quality and progress of workmanship is ensured at all our working sites.


Why show trust in our Building Contractors?

With many years of experience and endless list of happy customers we have earned the reputation of being the top construction company in Paarl. We have achieved this reputation with our focus only making our customers 100% satisfied. There is a drive to keep our clients happy that keeps us motivated to compete with ourselves and we raise our own standards at all the times.

Why Select Cape Town Builders for Contractor requirement in Paarl:

  • We put in our years of Industry Experience
  • We put together our Hands-on Approach
  • We have competent sub Workers
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • We guarantee satisfaction of our customers

For Modern & creative Building Solutions

Our Contractors in Paarl provide competent services to both residential and commercial customers. Irrespective of the size of the project we offer the best solution suiting the requirement of the client.

Cost Efficient

We provide cost efficient solutions for thetransformation of any property; it can be renovation of bath, kitchen or home, building of new home, painting projects, waterproofing or swimming pool.

We are a one-stop shop for all our construction related needs as we have a team of highly experiencedcontractors working for us of different fields.