Employment in Cape Town


Cape Town is the second-highest populated city in South Africa after Johannesburg and the Capital city of the western province of Cape, holding the title as the legislative capital of South Africa. Cape Town has four important commercial sectors. But the business district of Cape Town central holds most of the enjoyment opportunities as it is endowed with more office space than the other business sectors of Cape Town.

The employment in Cape Town is not a much difficult feat as it is numerous in number varying from highly professional jobs to temporary menial jobs. There are plenty of accounting and finance jobs available in Cape Town according to your expertise in that area. We are the leading agency that provides employment in Cape Town, if you are looking out for a suitable position, you can apply with us and get the best job opportunities.

Advertising and marketing jobs along with arts and entertainment jobs are listed by us at regular intervals for Cape Town and if you are interested in these jobs you can get in touch with us for further information. Banking jobs also are not uncommon here, but you need a bit of experience to shine in that area.

For women who are looking for employment in Cape Town and are not professionally trained for some high-tech jobs can look for child care and babysitting jobs which we keep on providing at regular interval.

Administrative and clerical jobs, IT and computing jobs etc. too come in handy if you have training and experience in those areas. There are plenty of opportunities for skilled trade and construction jobs in Cape Town. Customer service jobs, architecture and engineering jobs, veterinary and farming jobs, landscaping and gardening jobs, beauty and health variety of jobs are some of the other fields one can look for getting employment in Cape Town.

There are plenty of healthcare and nursing jobs, hotel jobs and cleaning and housekeeping jobs available, mainly for women job seekers. For newly graduated people there are plenty of internship jobs to give them a good start in their career ascent. For those people who look for something temporary, manual labour jobs and manufacturing jobs, restaurant and bar jobs etc. are available in Cape Town.

The people who search for employment in Cape Town will find numerous opportunities when they get in touch with us. If you are not having idea on how to apply and find jobs, you can approach us online or directly and we will find a suitable position for you according to your skills and experience.