A granite outcrop with three rounded domes, Paarl is a town situated in Western Cape Province of South Africa. Initially called Peerleberg or Pearl Mountain by Abraham Gabemma, Paarl is the third oldest town of South Africa with 191, 013 occupant living there. Paarl derived from Parel, meaning Pearl in Dutch is the largest town in the Cape Winelands. Situated about 60 kilometres northeast of Cape Town in the Western Cape Province, Paarl is renowned for its haunting scenic beauty and deep viticulture and fruit growing heritage.

Paarl, being an unusual name in South Africa, is pronounced differently in English and Afrikaans. Attractive Cape Dutch houses, beautiful gardens and streets lined with old oak trees attracts the tourist. The magnificent Cape Dutch buildings built in 17-19th Century, scenic drives, hiking trails, excellent restaurants and the Paarl wine route, with its many wine tasting opportunities is the main attraction of tourist.

Paarl is situated 60 kilometres from the heart of Cape Town and is about 30 kilometres from the International Airport. This airport is giant, capable of handling huge arrivals and departures from and to destinations all over the world. Situated in the heart of a number of mountains, Paarl calls for plenty of hiking, walking and cycling opportunities. A huge variety of grapes are grown in here, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage, Shiraz, Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc and the Paarl Wine Route is also known as the ‘Red Route’ because of this.

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