Cape Town Builders was established twenty years before and since then have thrived to be the number one builders in the construction world.  We specialise in constructing new age homes, offices, buildings and pools. The name of Cape Town Builders is counted among the top pool builders in Cape Town. At Cape Town builders we believe more difficult the project or site, the greater the opportunity to create a pool unlike any other.

Having built pools for last twenty years, Cape Town Builders are well-versed with the industry needs. The combination of practical experience and expert knowledge helps in delivering the best. Cape Town Builders are well known in the pool industry for building and constructing creative pool designs.

Our professional team of skilled labors can convert your old gunite pool into a modern, valuable asset in no time. By using most of the original structure possible, we can change the shape, make the pool smaller or bigger, or just re-do the interior finishes and copings as per your need and requirement. Fibreglass lining or re-marble-plastering of old pools is as certain as re-painting one’s house!

Water-polo has become a fast growing school sport in Cape Town and to fulfil the need of school pools the recent contracts undertaken include re-building school pools to accommodate water polo, and change the length to facilitate short-course swimming.

Along with building and constructing pools, we also provide finishes to pools built by other building contractors. This would generally include free design advice, and providing the reticulation, filtration, edge tiling and interior finishing, be it fiberglass lining or marble plaster.

Cape Town Builders supply and install Pool technics automated floating slatted roller covers, which offer some unique benefits.

Being the leader in the pool industry, we have been working with our clients to provide them quality and across-the-board solutions, which are customized to their specific needs and for providing maximum economic and ecological advantage in affordable prices. For us, every client is a welcome addition to our fastest growing community and it’s our honor to serve and help them. It’s an opportunity for us to do something innovative all the time with every project coming in. No wonder our customer list is full of repeat business year after year.