Swimming Pool Contractor


Our enterprise as a swimming pool contractor is verified and trusted by many and we remain as experts in the field and always ready to work according to our clients’ preferences and interests. We offer a wide range of swimming pool services and products to our clients. As a swimming pool contractor, we offer prompt quotations for residential and commercial pool maintenance jobs. We are equipped with service for sand filters, pump, salt chlorinators and LED light installation services. We do regular equipment and chemical electronic testing and holiday cleaning services. We have zodiac range of automatic pool cleaners and parts to make us efficient in our services. We offer pool renovations and refurbishment and also we are experts on all pool needs and swimming pool requirements.

The swimming pool contractor service of ours comprises weekly swimming pool maintenance at an affordable price. We normally appoint the same technician regularly to do the weekly maintenance jobs so that you can relax about the quality of the job. You can choose a regular day to do the maintenance or any suitable day you prefer. We regularly replace pump baskets, barracuda parts, vacuum lids etc. as they face wear and tear. We offer you the added security by the inspection of the maintenance department manager frequently to verify all the jobs are done properly and the equipments are up to the mark always.

We regularly examine the running condition of your pool, test the chemicals frequently, scrub the tile line to remove all debris, remove all floating debris from the pool, do back washing of the filter system and clean the cartridges regularly. We add the required chemicals as part of the maintenance and you will receive due notification before departing of the crew for your attention.

We are experts in commercial swimming pool maintenance works also for schools, golf estates, resorts, hotels etc. We use a portable system for more efficiency in such situations to ensure maximum filtration to keep up the bathing suitability to the pool. If you need someone to do the maintenance and quality keeping of your pool, choose us as we are the best swimming pool contractor in your area, and you will be guaranteed for the most efficient work to protect and maintain your pool.