Established twenty years before, Cape Town Builders have grown to become one of the top thatching companies in Cape Town along with the renowned builders and contractors. Cape Town Builders is managed by a team of competent skilled professionals and relies on a highly experienced and skilful workforce. We thrive to deliver quality and that is one of our fore-most aim.

Thatched roof in Cape Town is the new trend these days. It not only gives adds to natural atmosphere but is also a great addition to any outdoor area. It brings the natural traditional outdoor feeling of wanting to spend time outside and experiencing the two different climate changes during the year. In winter, it’s naturally warm inside and in the summer the vice versa. Thatched roof adds character and value to your home.

We at Cape Town Builders strive to give the new customer this natural feel. Spanish reed is usually used for shade in sunny areas, for fencing and for decorations for the inside of roofs and walls. Thatching was and even today is used for the old Dutch Gable homes as well as the old style Fishing Cottages. For safety purpose, we incorporate a fire blanket between the thatches which helps to cut down your insurance premium.

Our carpenters are highly experienced and skilful and work very closely with our structural engineers and architects to bring out the best thatched roof. Most of our workers have worked with us since our existence. We ask all our workers to undergo proper training programs, which is highly important in this skilled industry. We also do thatching repairs, thatch overhauling work and re-thatching of roofs.

Cape Town Builders is regarded as one of the best thatching companies in Cape Town. At Cape Town Builders we have vast experience in catering in and around Cape Town. We cater for Thatch Lapas, Thatch Houses and Lodges, Thatch Roof Renovations and Maintenance of Thatch Roofs. Over the years, our experienced roofing team have diversified to include the fitting of other Roofing Products such as tile, onduline and zinc.