With the change and advancement in technology, the nature of Construction

Industry has also changed. The reason behind this is massive urbanization, more

sustainable economy requirement and growing size of the projects. Gone are the

days when simple offices and houses were in demand. Now to enhance efficiency

and boost productivity of the employees, innovative business models are in high

demand. Innovative technology has changed the traditional way of this industry.

Over the past year, the shares of construction companies such as Cape Town Builders

have risen to a good range. Which means that company would be benefitted new

order flow.

The construction sector is a fast-moving industry, and undoubtedly have to face new

challenges as well with the expansion and experience widespread success. This is the

reason fresher are looking forward for their career in Construction Industry.


Cape Town Builders being the pioneer in this industry are committed to work

excellence, constant development, comes out with innovative and cost effective

ideas for their clients and maintain high level of customer satisfaction. Every project

at Cape Town Builder starts with a team of dedicated employees.

We, at Cape Town Builders are looking for individuals who have a spark of growth in

them, are eager to develop their skills and apply them practically in converting

client’s dreams into reality.

Cape Town Builders are interested in candidates with backgrounds related to

construction management or engineering. But, our search is not restricted to this

profile, we are also interested for individuals looking job in fields like finance,

accounting, human resources and business development. We, with a vast experience

of twenty years in this industry provide the candidate with huge opportunities for

their growth.

Apart from educational qualification, if you are enthusiastic, eager to learn new

things, can face challenges and carry a right attitude towards work, then just click on

the APPLY NOW button and you might be the lucky one to work with Cape Town