Are you looking for a Waterproofing or Roofing contractor in Cape Town?

Waterproofing in Cape Town is an absolute necessary. The process offered by the Waterproofing specialists is to stop the water before it enters the structure of the building is just amazing. It helps to safeguard your building by waterproofing it. Different structures and surface require a different type of waterproofing system.

Our dedicated team of professionals shall evaluate your problem and find out its root cause before suggesting you the kind of waterproofing you must get done. We guarantee that we shall solve your waterproofing problem with our specific methodologies that are designed for particular situations.

Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can protect your assets!  

Are you affected by Seepage, Leaks and Damp Problems?

Not any longer, as we Cape Town Builders repair all kinds of roofs such as damaged roofs, ceilings, sagging roofs, leaking roofs, flashings( surrounding chimneys, skylights, parapet and sidewalls, ducts and vents).

The services offered by us are inexpensive as we do not get into unnecessary repairs. We also do our work diligently so that there is minimum or negligible impairment of your building or property.

The multiple services offered by us are:

  •    Waterproofing of parapet walls
  •    Waterproofing of roofs ( steel roofs and tile roofs)
  •    Waterproofing of side and header walls
  •    Replacing of gutters
  •    Gutter cleaning
  •    Chimney waterproofing and damp proofing
  •    Re-roofing
  •    Waterproofing of windows and doors
  •    Waterproofing of retaining walls
  •    Roof replacements
  •    Waterproofing of concrete decks
  •    Waterproofing of cavity walls
  •    Waterproofing of balconies
  •    Waterproofing of flat decks
  •    Sealing of face bricks
  •    Expansion jointing

Our main motto is to prevent the damage to your décor and property like paintings, furniture, carpets, and wooden floors, electrical appliances like sound systems, computers and TV’s.

Why select us?

  •    We deliver on the deadline you give us
  •    We offer customer friendly and helpful advice
  •    We have a solution for all your waterproofing problems
  •    We are sure of our team as we work with A-Class Quality Workforce
  •    And Yes. .What we start, we Finish without stretching your pocket

Prevention is always better than cure, do not wait to get an alarming visible problem. Call us today and we shall take a look at your house and address the underlying issues or give you maintenance procedures!